Eleganz Perspex® Doors

Eleganz Perspex® doors is an exciting new designer range of kitchen and cabinet doors. It's high gloss finish can be matched by no other making these doors a premium selection when choosing a gloss finish door for your kitchen, vanity, laundry or kitchenette. Eleganz Perspex® doors comprises of 18mm solid acrylic which is then cut to the size required using state of the art precision CNC machines and this is when the hinge holes are drilled. The door is then arised and polished using our diamond polishing machine leaving a high gloss finished edge.

Eleganz Perspex® doors is unlike any painted, polished or laminated door because it's finish is absolutely flawless and free from any orange peel or ripple found in these other doors. As far as a gloss finished door goes Eleganz is the best in its class.

Because Eleganz Perspex® doors are solid acrylic they are also completely 100% waterproof which makes them perfect for your outdoor alfresco kitchen and BBQ area. These doors are not only waterproof but are also U.V. stable and have a solid 10 year U.V. warranty and being made from original Perspex®.





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