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Productive Plastics is one of the finest plastic fabrication companies offering best-in-class customised plastic products. We use high-quality and durable raw materials from leading brands like Perspex to make premium cut to size products as per your specific requirements. With over 25 years of experience providing tailored Perspex cut to size products, we are committed to offering top-notch services at affordable prices. With a team of cordial and well-skilled professionals who understand your requirements, we are renowned as the unmatched Perspex cut to size specialists in Perth and its surroundings. We serve Wangara and all the suburbs of Perth.


What Is Perspex?

Perspex is a form of acrylic plastic that is known for its durable, flexible, and sustainable features. Let us explore more!

  • Light-Weight and Superior Strength - Perspex is light on weight and is very sturdy making it an ideal choice to make an array of domestic and architectural products.
  • Weather-Resistant and Long-Lasting - Perspex products can withstand varying weather and temperature changes more than normal plastic. It is also durable.
  • Cost-Effective Option - Easy to transport, sturdy, shatter-resistant, and reasonable prices make Perspex a preferred and cost-efficient choice to make a whole range of products.
  • Available In An Extensive Range Of Colours - Perspex acrylic is available in a spectrum of colours and is used to make aesthetically appealing and functional applications such as visual communication and signs, window glazing, car windows, architecture, furniture, and many more. 


Why Should You Consider Perspex Cut To Size?

Choosing Perspex Cut to Size comes with more than one benefit. Here they are!

  • Easier To Work With - Perspex is a strong material and is light in weight. Being shatter-resistant and easy to work with, it becomes very convenient to make cut to size products as per customers' specific requirements.
  • Exceptional Optical Clarity - Perspex boasts an excellent translucent feature that allows more light transmission than glass. This helps in keeping the interiors warm and well-lit, making them an ideal choice for signage and window glazing.
  • Flexible and Durable - Perspex is flexible, which makes it a convenient choice to bend and shape. Being highly versatile, Perspex can be easily moulded to meet clients' specific requirements. Perspex also lasts long making it cost-effective.
  • High Impact-Resistance and Safer - Unlike normal plastic, sunlight does not affect or change the colour of Perspex products. Perspex also absorbs ultraviolet radiation/rays making them the preferred choice in museums and art galleries to protect the exhibits from UV light.


Why Choose Productive Plastics?

Choosing Productive Plastics comes with several benefits. Here they are!

  • Vast Experience Of Over Two Decades - Established in 1997, we are one of the leading plastic fabrication specialists in Perth. We are a team of friendly professionals who understand your specific requirements and provide top-notch customer service.
  • Plastic Fabrication Specialists - At Productive Plastics, we offer a wide range of premium products at affordable prices. Our top-tier services include signage, boat and car windows, architectural/commercial/industrial-grade sheeting, splashbacks, doors, CNC and laser cutting, and domestic and industrial plastics.
  • Distributors Of World-Renowned Perspex Products - We are the proud distributors of Perspex, a world-renowned premium acrylic brand. We offer an array of top-notch products including 3D signage and lighting, custom design fabrication, eleganz doors, lead generation boxes, easels, brochure holders, display cases, and more.
  • Customised Designs Crafted For Your Requirement - We are reputed for providing the best-in-class custom designs and products at affordable prices. Our team of highly-skilled and cordial professionals cater to all your specific needs with perfection.


Discover Our Other High-Quality Services

At Productive Plastics, we offer a range of specialised services. Here they are!

  • Perspex Acrylic Sheets - Our premium Perspex unique sheeting products are available in gloss, frost, and pearlescent, and in a range of different colours and thicknesses with a 10-year indoor outdoor warranty.
  • CNC and Laser Cutting - We use fully automated CNC and laser cutting machines that provide not just detailed and intricate designs but makes the process pretty easier and quick too. We are equipped to cut all types of materials from acrylic and aluminium composite material to HDPE and wood.
  • Signage - Our in-house state-of-the-art machines help cut out lettering, logos, and other shapes needed for signage. Our design team can even help you create new logos. Fast, efficient, and affordable, we ensure your signage goes up with the utmost care. Our range of Perspex acrylic colours comes with 10 year UV guarantee.
  • Custom Design Fabrication - We value our customers and want to deliver only the best products and services. We believe in quality and discuss all the possibilities to provide the finest custom-made design fabrication to meet your specific requirements.
  • Splashbacks - Acrylic splashbacks offer a more user-friendly and affordable alternative to glass and are gaining popularity. We offer an array of top-quality abrasion-resistant, non-scratch, and textured finishing splashbacks from reputed brands. Our splashbacks are easy to install.
  • Eleganz Doors - We offer a designer range of the latest kitchen and cabinet doors. With a premier gloss finish and flawless make, you can select from our waterproof and UV-stable doors that are perfect for outdoor settings and BBQ areas.
  • Boat Windows - All our boat windows come with a 10-year UV guarantee. We offer tailored boat windows that are cut to specific requirements and use either clear or tinted acrylic to give the perfect finish.
  • Plastic Sheeting - We offer a range of commercial grade and industrial grade sheeting using materials from cast acrylic and polycarbonate to PVC and HDPE. We also offer architectural sheeting using an acrylic range of premium-quality and stylish products.
  • Other Products - We offer a range of high-quality brochure holders, display cases, easels, lead generation boxes, trophies, and more.


Best-In-Class Perspex In Perth

A wide range of top-quality products, a well-skilled and cordial team always available to assist, excellent customer service, affordable prices, years of experience, and trustworthiness in the industry make Productive Plastics the unrivalled Perspex, Perspex Cut to Size, and other plastic fabrication specialists in Perth and its surroundings.

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