CNC & Laser Cutting


 Productive plastics specialises in detailed and intricate cutting and thanks to the help of our fully automated CNC and Laser cutting machines it makes things alot easier. We have 2 x CNC profile cutters and 2 x Laser cutting machines which means that not only can we help you with your cutting needs we can also turn your job around much quicker. Our machine are able to cut all types of materials from Acrylic and HDPE to Aluminium Composite Material and even MDF of wood.

 Our facilities can profile cut just about anything you require, just provide us with an image of what you need cut and we will do the rest. The bulk of what we cut consists of lettering and logos, engineering products and customs shapes as well as cutting shapes for our fabricated and custom items.

If you ave any questions regarding laser and CNC cutting please feel free to give us a call to discuss it.


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