CNC & Laser Cutting

Plastic fabrication is one of the most versatile techniques that can help you obtain a large number of materials in various designs. In the hands of the right technicians like those at Productive Plastics, you can create objects exactly according to your requirements and with high efficiency. In fact, we are the top service providers for laser cutting in Perth. We also provide CNC cutting and a variety of other services. We serve not just Perth but also Wangara and all other suburbs of Perth.


What is Laser Cutting

Laser cutting, as the name suggests, involves using a laser beam to vaporise the material and cut it into the right shape. Productive Plastics has two laser cutting machines that we use for high-precision cutting requirements.

  • No Physical Touch - Since there is no contact between the plastic or other material and the tool being used, there is no chance of any wear and tear and the result remains true to the original design. The cut edge is also usually cleaner as a result.
  • High Intricacy - Laser cutting can be used to create complex designs and shapes with ease. Moreover, the high level of control allows many intricate shapes to be created conveniently which other contact cutting methods do not allow.


What is CNC

CNC stands for computer numerical control. A CNC cutting machine runs on a pre-fed design in the computer. The spindle used to cut is run on a computer program that specifies the movement of the spindle to create the required design.

  • Pre-Programmed Cutting - Because the spindle movement is computer-controlled, there is much greater scope for creating complex designs that a manually held machine cannot. It also removes any margin of human error that can be introduced in manual systems.
  • Contact Process - CNC cutting usually uses the same handheld router for manual cutting as a spindle. In other words, there is contact between the solid surface to be cut and the tool as friction is used for cutting.


Why Should You Consider CNC and Laser Cutting

Laser and CNC cutting makes your life much easier than when you were using manual techniques to get the job done.

  • Greater Accuracy - Both CNC and laser cutting provide accuracy in different ways. In the case of the former, the automated system removes human error. In the latter, since a laser beam is used and there is no direct contact between the tool and the surface, you get a clean design and can create intricate forms easily.
  • Less Wastage - Both CNC and laser cutting save a lot of material and effort in their own ways. CNC cutting, being computer-controlled, removes any chance of mistakes that manually controlled processes often create, thus requiring a redo. On the other hand, laser cutting does not create the jagged edges of traditional methods and saves raw materials.


Why Choose Productive Plastics

If you require laser and CNC cutting in Perth, Productive Plastics is the right place to be in.

  • Custom Designing at the Core - The entire business of Productive Plastics revolves around custom design manufacturing. Here, you can bring any shape or design you want and we create it with perfection. We have every tool and machinery required to get it done.
  • Innovation at Every Step - Productive Plastics is always striving to get better at serving your needs. We use cutting-edge technology to get the job done. Our facilities are always being upgraded with the best software and equipment for the best results.
  • Quality All the Way - Quality is always our top concern. We want our customers to enjoy the best-quality products every time they hire us. To that end, we use only high-grade products and advanced techniques to fulfil your requirements.
  • Customer Satisfaction Ensured - We want our customers to always have a pleasant experience with us. We always hear you out, advise you, discuss the project thoroughly with you and suggest the best ways to accomplish it. Our friendly team ensures 100% satisfaction for you.


Discover Our Other High-Quality Services

Besides laser cutting and CNC in Perth, we also provide a wide range of other services:

  • Custom Design Fabrication - This is where we started and this is what we do best. Our custom design fabrication services help you create products of any design from scratch.
  • Signage - If you need any custom signs created, choose our acrylic signage services. All you have to do is send us a file of the logo or sign and relax as we create your sign at a reasonable rate and even install it for you.
  • 3D Signage and Lighting - We can help you create custom 3D signage and illuminated letters and logos for the signboard of your business, events, and other needs.
  • Eleganz Doors - Eleganz is a range of designer kitchen and cabinet doors with a high-gloss finish that is perfect for any home. We cut them in the exact shape and size you need for a perfect fit.
  • Splashbacks - We provide both glass and acrylic splashbacks that are custom-cut to your size requirements. These are available in a wide range of colours, finishes, and applications for greater choice.
  • Perspex Acrylic - Productive Plastics is a WA Perspex acrylic distributor. They come with 30 years of indoor and outdoor warranty and in a variety of colours and designs. We cut them into different sizes based on your needs.
  • Boat Windows - We provide boat window replacements too. You can take out and bring in the window only or the boat itself and get the window replaced with our cut acrylic sheets with a clear or tinted finish.
  • Real Estate and Shopfront Display - Productive Plastics helps you with custom shop and other display windows, stands, and racks so that your business can attract more customers.
  • Shopfitting - Get custom-cut sheets and products for displays, shelves, and other fittings to build up your shop exactly as you want.
  • Plastic Sheeting - Get plastic sheeting services for all your requirements, be they architectural, commercial, or industrial, cut and fabricated just as you want.
  • Products - We also sell custom-made brochure holders, information holders, display cases, lead generation boxes, display risers, easels, trophies, and more.


Look no further for your CNC and laser cutting needs in Perth and the surrounding areas. Productive Plastics is the perfect choice for you.


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