Architectural Plastic Sheeting in Perth


Types of Architectural Plastic Sheeting

We offer the following types of architectural plastic sheeting at Productive Plastics: 



  • Perspex®  Frost
  • Perspex® Impressions
  • Perspex® Pearlescent 
  • Perspex® Colour 
  • Perspex® Fluorescent 
  • Perspex® Spectrum 
  • Euromir Acrylic Mirror 
  • Klass Standard 
  • Klass illusions 
  • Klass Kustom 
  • Plaspanel Slatboard 
  • Infusion Fabric 
  • Infusion Stone 
  • Influsion Veneer 
  • Super Abrasion Resistant (SAR) 



        KLASS is a fantastically practical textured acrylic that replicates the quality appearance of slumped glass whilst eliminating the associated problems of weight, fragility, workability and cost. With 15 organic textures available in 4 different thicknesses and is available in clear or green tint.

        KLASS delivers the design versatility required in texture, strength and installation for individual projects, domestic splashbacks to feature walls in commercial or retail fit outs. Klass can also be painted to give you your own customised look and feel to any colour you require.



 Infusing nature into your stunning interior design...

Using the lasest embedded resin technology, Infusion decorative panels suspend natural materials within a poured acrylic resin creating a 3d effect. Flower, Grass, Shells, Fabrics, Veneers, Stone and other decors are virtually frozen in time for a stunning and unique look.

Available in 200 decors and in 4 collections, each Infusion decorative panel is individually crafted to fit your creative vision.



Other Services

We provide an entire range of services. Continue reading to learn more about them.

  • Custom Design Fabrication - While we specialise in fabrication, we also make sure it is done to your specifications and liking. We discuss your requirements with you and create designs that will meet your needs and expectations.
  • CNC and Laser Cutting - Equipped with two CNC profile cutters and two laser cutting machines, we can cut all kinds of materials. All we need is an image of what you want to be cut and we can get the job done for you. 
  • Acrylic Signage - We cut out letterings, logos, and shapes using our CNC overhead router machines. While we offer a huge range of customised designs, colours, and materials, we also provide 3D Signage and lighting and can also install the signage for you.
  • Eleganz Doors - We can cut, the acrylic doors to the desired size using precision CNC machines after which we polish the doors using a diamond polishing machine resulting in a glossy finish. 
  • Splashbacks - We have a range of acrylic and plastic splashbacks for your kitchens and bathrooms made from a range of acrylic materials. We can cut the splashbacks on-site and drill them perfectly. 
  • Perspex Acrylic  Cut to Size - We cut Perspex sheets to the size you require and offer a huge range of clear and coloured sheets. We also have sheets of varying thicknesses to suit the various requirements.
  • Boat Windows - We can replace the old worn-out boat windows with new ones. We can cut them to the required size and install them on your boats. 
  • Real Estate and Shopfront Display - Being a clear material, acrylic sheets are best used for real estate and retail displays. Their durability and resistance to extreme weather elements also make them ideal for this purpose.
  • Shopfitting - We provide the best solutions to your shopfitting requirements from displays to counters. We offer onsite measuring and cutting to save the hassle of transporting it back and forth.


Why Choose Productive Plastics?

Among the several plastic fabrication companies, you should choose Productive Plastics because of the following reasons.

  • Custom Design Fabrication - At Productive Plastics, we understand your requirements and provide custom-designed solutions to perfectly match them. We ensure every aspect of your plastic fabrication need is covered.
  • Dealing with Trusted Brands - From PERSPEX and EUROMIR to S.A.R and Eleganz, we deal with only the most trusted brands and maintain high standards of quality.
  • Exceptional Workmanship - With customised solutions and high quality standards, we also offer the best quality workmanship in fabrication. We have a team of skilled workers who can ensure this.
  • Prompt and Cost-Effective - Whatever job we take up, no matter its magnitude, we ensure it is completed within the time and the budget approved.


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