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Productive Plastics is renowned for offering the finest custom signage, signage, shop signage, and acrylic signage in Perth. Backed by an experience of over two decades and a skilled team, we design and supply premium signage. Our in-house state-of-the-art machines enable us to cut out lettering, logos, and other shapes required for effective signage application. What is more! In case you do not have a logo, our creative team can assist you in designing one. 

Our team ensures that your acrylic signage is installed with the utmost care. We are known for offering quick and efficient turnarounds at affordable prices. Our range of Perspex acrylic colours boasts a 10-year UV guarantee ensuring the signage will look good and new for years to come. We have earned the trust of our customers over the years with our quality service and established ourselves as the unmatched shop signage supplier in Perth. We serve Wangara and all the surrounding suburbs in Perth.


Acrylic Signage


Productive Plastics has two inhouse state of the art cnc overhead router machines which enable us to cut out lettering, logos, and other shapes required for signage applications. Just send us a computer file of your logo and lettering and we can cut it out for you at a surprisingly afforable price. We have WA's largest range of different colours and materials to choose from to create your brand new sign. If you do not have your own logo then you can simply sit down with our design team and we will help you to create your own.

We also offer an installation service which will ensure your signage will go up with the utmost of care. With our fast and efficient service and affordable prices Productive Plastics is your first choice when it comes to acrylic signs.


Custom Acrylic Signs


Our range of PERSPEX® acrylic colours boast a 10 year uv guarantee which will ensure your signage will remaing looking good in years to come. For any other information on acrylic signage please feel free to call or email us to discuss your requirements.


What Is Custom Signage?

Custom signage is the use of visual communication tools to highlight your business to the potential customer as per your specific requirements. It is a great way to showcase your business name and logo to the customer. Let us explore more!

  • Establish Your Identity/Brand - Custom signage lets you choose the style, colours, images, and logo as per your requirement and create an identity that is unique to your brand. This helps your customers remember and differentiate your business and brand from others.
  • Convenient Way To Create An Impact - Visuals stay longer in our memory and are an effective and convenient medium to create an impact as well as highlight information. Custom signage allows using your creativity to create lasting impressions.
  • Create Promotional Displays - Using custom signage you can effectively create awareness about any sales or offers. Visuals persuade potential customers to enter your store and this is the first step for likely sales. Highlighting the promotions encourages the customers to buy impulsively.
  • Help Customers Find Your Location Easily - If your customers are unable to locate or see your store, there is a high chance of them giving the business to your competitors. Clearly placed custom signs are an easy and convenient way for customers to come to your store.


Why Should You Consider Custom Signage?


Custom signage is very important for any business as it establishes your identity. Here is why you should consider getting custom signage for your business.

  • Communicate Effectively About Your Business - Custom signage is a simple and effective way to tell about your business to the potential customer. There is no denying that visual communication creates an impact easily and lasts longer in memory.
  • Help Increase Sales - By giving more details about your business, you establish trust with the customer and this helps in increasing sales. By using custom signage to speak about the USPs or any discounts, offers, and warranties, you attract the attention of customers instantly.
  • Increase Brand Awareness - Images and pictures are a great way to create an impact that stays longer in the mind. Custom signage is a vital tool to increase brand awareness and connect with people. The more people see and know your business and brand, the better it is.
  • To Improve Footfall - Custom signs are a convenient way to tell your potential customer about special prices, sales, and discounts. Strategically placed custom signs can lead more customers into the store thus increasing your visibility and sales.


Why Choose Productive Plastics?

Here is what sets us apart as the preferred plastic and signage specialists in Perth and its surroundings!

  • Vast Experience Of 25-Plus Years - Established in 1997 and boasting an experience of over two decades, we understand the nuances of the industry and have gained expertise in what we do. This facilitates quick and efficient services.
  • Wide Range Of Products From Trusted And Reputed Brands - We offer an array of top-quality products from leading brands like Perspex, Euromir, Klass, Eleganz, and more. This ensures we supply only quality products that last longer. Stylish and functional, our products increase the aesthetic value of your home.
  • Excellent Customer Service - We are a team of friendly and well-skilled professionals who are dedicated to giving you the best always. We value our customers and ensure they are satisfied and happy with our services.
  • Customised Products At Cost-Efficient Prices - We are renowned for offering customised products as per your specific requirements. Our team understands your needs and is well-skilled to design and offer best-in-class custom-made products at affordable prices.


Discover Our Other High-Quality Services

Here is more about our specialised services!

  • Custom Design Fabrication - At Productive Plastics, we emphasise quality and strive to give only the best products and services to our customers. Our team excels in providing the finest custom design fabrication. We understand your specific requirement and design accordingly.
  • CNC and Laser Cutting - Our fully-automated CNC and laser cutting machines provide detailed and intricate designs, making the process quite simple and quick too. We are equipped to cut all types of materials from acrylic and aluminium composite material to HDPE and wood.
  • 3D Signage and Lighting - We can help you create state-of-the-art custom 3D signage and illuminated letters, logos, and images. Fast, efficient, and affordable, 3D signage is an excellent choice to increase the visibility of your signboard and brand.
  • Eleganz Doors - With an array of designer-range kitchen and cabinet doors, we enhance the style-quotient of your property. With a premier gloss finish and flawless make, you can select from our waterproof and UV-stable doors that are perfect for outdoor settings and BBQ areas.
  • Splashbacks - A more user-friendly and affordable alternative to glass, acrylic splashbacks are becoming more popular. Our range of abrasion-resistant, non-scratch, and textured finishing splashbacks from reputed brands are easy to install and are available in a range of colours.
  • Perspex Acrylic Cut To Size - Our range of Perspex acrylic cut to size products is lightweight, weather-resistant, cost-efficient, and available in various colours. They are a perfect choice to make an array of long-lasting and stylish custom-made products.
  • Boat Windows - We provide custom-made boat windows that are cut to specific requirements and use clear or tinted acrylic. Designed for a superior finish, all our boat windows have a 10-year UV guarantee. 
  • Plastic Sheeting - We provide a premium-quality and elegant range of acrylic architectural sheeting. You can also avail of our range of commercial grade and industrial grade sheeting made using an array of materials from cast acrylic and polycarbonate to PVC and HDPE.
  • Other Products - We offer a range of high-quality products like brochure holders, display cases, easels, lead generation boxes, trophies, and more.


Go-To Destination For Custom Signage In Perth

Excellent customer service, a cordial and understanding team, top-notch products from leading brands, affordable prices, emphasis on quality, and commitment to customer satisfaction make Productive Plastics the preferred and go-to destination for all signage, custom signage and other plastic-related services in Perth and its surroundings.

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