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Most houses in not just Perth but all of Australia have adopted splashbacks in their kitchens, bathrooms, and any other required area. After all, splashbacks are one of the simplest yet most innovative ideas anyone had to protect their homes. With the right material and design installed in the right way, splashbacks will make your life a lot easier. Productive Plastics can help you with the best splashbacks in Perth. We are just a call away.

Acrylic splashbacks are becoming more and more popular offering a much cheaper and user friendly alternative to glass. Productive Plastics offers one of Australia's largest ranges of different acrylic materials that are suitable for splashbacks. You can choose from EUROMIR® acrylic mirror, PERSPEX® Gloss, PERSPEX® Pearlescent, PERSPEX® Frost (painted backing), PERSPEX® Clear (painted backing), and S.A.R. (super abrasion resistant) for non scratch applications, or for a textured finish try KLASS textured acrylic (painted backing).  Our showroom in Perth has all of our products, please visit us today for more information!


What is a Splashback


A splashback is a large panel of protective material fitted on the wall behind your cooking area, sink, basin, and other such places to protect the walls from any mess made. Splashbacks should have the following characteristics:

  • Easy-to-Clean - A splashback is installed so that the walls do not get dirty as they are difficult to clean. It automatically implies that a splashback is made from such a material that is much easier to clean by conventional methods only.
  • Protective Material - The splashback lining the wall must be of a material that can appropriately protect the wall from oil, heat, water, or whatever its purpose is. Choosing the right material is very important when getting a splashback.
  • Flush with Countertop - The splashback must lie flush with the countertop. If there is an upstand, then, it should lie flush with that. The reason is simple so that no portion of the wall is exposed to the open and unprotected.
  • Aesthetic Options - Earlier, splashbacks were mostly made from tiles which severely limited your options. Nowadays, glass, stone, metal, mirror, acrylic, and many other materials are used. This allows you to match the aesthetic of the area properly.


Why Should You Consider Splashbacks


Splashbacks make your life much easier and here's why:

  • Protects from a Mess - Oil, heat, moisture, and most such elements commonly present in kitchens, bathrooms, laundry areas, washing areas, and other places leave marks on the walls that are hard to remove. A splashback prevents the wall from getting messy like that.
  • Prevents Heat Damage - The splashback behind your cooking area also protects the walls from the intense heat of the stove or cooktop. It also prevents soot from the flames from building up on the walls and blackening them.
  • Easier to Clean than Walls - A splashback is much easier to clean than walls. The grease and moisture can be removed from them using simple cleaning methods and conventional cleaning agents commonly used in homes.
  • Accentuates the Space - A splashback allows you to add an interesting accent to the space too. The right material and finish for a splashback elevate the aesthetics of the place greatly. Moreover, since it keeps the mess low, the place looks tidier too.


Acrylic Splashback Products


Acrylic splashbacks are perfect for the new home, home renovation or even if you want to smarten up old painted walls or tiled areas.  They can be easily installed DIY by the home handy man. We offer a much larger range than the standard glass splashbacks but we can also paint standard clear acrylic to give a glass look with a far superior clarity at a cheaper cost. Acrylic can also be cut and drilled onsite if need be which makes it much more versatile and reduces the risk of error.


Why Choose Productive Plastics


Whether you need kitchen splashbacks in Perth or one for another location in your house, we are the right choice:

  • Custom Design Manufacturing - The core of Productive Plastics lies in custom design manufacturing. You tell us the shape and design you require and we build you the product with great accuracy. We have all the right tools and machinery for the job.
  • Strives for Innovation - We want you to have the best products and services and we make it possible with the help of our state-of-the-art facilities. We utilise the latest hardware and software in the market to ensure your expectations are exceeded every time.
  • Quality is Our Priority - We have always been and will always be highly attentive towards the quality of our products and services. To that end, we only use supplies and equipment of the highest grade in making our products
  • 100% Customer Satisfaction - Fulfilling your expectation concerning the product is not our only lookout. We want your experience with us to be as smooth and pleasant as possible. Our friendly and respectful staff make that possible.


Discover Our Other High-Quality Services


Besides laser cutting and CNC in Perth, we also provide a wide range of other services:

  • Custom Design Fabrication - Custom design fabrication is our speciality. We can make you any product you want exactly as you need. You just have to bring us the design and we will use our cutting-edge equipment to manufacture it.
  • CNC and Laser Cutting - Computer numerical control or CNC and laser cutting lets us cut the material into any shape and create intricate designs on them with ease. We have two CNC profile cutters and two laser cutters for the job
  • Signage - We provide high-quality acrylic signage services if you want to make a sign or logo for your business. Send us your design as a computer file and we can custom-make it for you at an affordable rate. We provide installation services too.
  • 3D Signage and Lighting - 3D signs and illuminated letters and logos are a great way to promote your business, an event, or for any purpose you have. We customise any 3D or illuminated sign for you in the shape and size you require.
  • Eleganz Doors - Eleganz doors are designer doors that have a high-gloss finish and are used for kitchens and cabinets. They are made from solid acrylic which is cut, shaped, and installed by us with full quality.
  • Perspex Acrylic - Productive Plastics brings you Perspex acrylic in Perth and WA. You get 30 years of indoor and outdoor warranty and a range of choices in colour and design. Depending on your needs, we cut and shape them accordingly.
  • Boat Windows - We replace boat windows too. Just take the window out and bring it or bring the whole boat along so we can replace the window with cut acrylic sheets having a clear or tinted finish.
  • Real Estate and Shopfront Display - You can get store and other display windows, racks, and stands custom-created with us. Our team helps you decorate your shop suitably to attract more customers.
  • Shopfitting - We provide custom-cut sheets and a range of products for the displays, racks, and other parts of the shop so you can have it fitted according to your vision.
  • Plastic Sheeting - Productive Plastics provides plastic sheeting services for a range of purposes like architectural, commercial, and industrial. We cut and fabricate them as per your requirements.
  • Products - We sell many high-quality, custom-made products like brochure holders, display cases, information holders, lead generation boxes, easels, display risers, trophies, etc.


Get the best-quality splashbacks in Perth and the surrounding regions only from Productive Plastics.

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Plastic Splashbacks

  BRONZE EUROMIR   One of our splashbacks in Perth


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