Custom Design Fabrication in Perth 

Productive Plastics is among the leading plastic fabrication companies in Perth. We began in 1997 and have gained substantial exposure across industries. Custom design fabrication lies at heart of Productive Plastics and is how we started and is what we do best. We have been faced with many challenges and have always found a resolution and if we cannot help you we will try and point you in the right direction. Now, we can create functional and beautiful designs for every fabrication requirement of yours. We work with architects, designers, shopfitters, sign writers, and more. We understand the different fabrications needs of different industries and provide the whole gamut of services like CNC machining, laser cutting, bending, flame and diamond polishing, etc. We also constantly upgrade ourselves by investing in new machinery and technologies. We have a new purpose-built factory where we have state-of-the-art equipment and also a showroom with a display of all our products. You may also discuss your needs and get ample guidance and design ideas from our experts. Our comprehensive services and friendly approach make us a preferred fabrication service in the entire Perth region. We cover the whole of Perth and all its suburbs including Wangara. We are more than happy to sit down with you to discuss your job, suggest ways to improve it (if required) and will also consider better cut sizes so you get better save money. We believe in good quality products with good quality service and competetive prices which is what makes Productive Plastics your best choice.


What Is Custom Design Fabrication?

Custom design fabrication refers to creating a product through a series of assembly work such that the design and functionality match the purpose that it is built for. Let us take a look at what exactly the process is all about.

  • Understanding Customer's Requirements - Customising is all about delivering precisely what is required. So, our first step in custom fabrication is to understand the customer's requirements through detailed discussions and brainstorming.
  • Creating Customised Designs - Once we understand the requirements, we create designs using 3D modelling software and tailor them to suit the functional specifications mentioned by the customer. 
  • Prototyping - After the design is approved, we move on to prototyping and then the final fabrication. State-of-the-art technology and skilled professionals come together to maintain precision throughout the process. 
  • Quality Assurance - From visual inspections and dimension measurements to material analysis and pressure tests, we carry out thorough quality checks at every stage as may be applicable for the product.


Why Should You Consider Custom Design Fabrication?

Learn about the benefits of custom design fabrication.

  • Durable - Custom-fabricated plastics are known to be quite resistant to wear and tear factors. This means they will last longer than other materials and need minimum maintenance.
  • Cost Effective - When materials last longer with minimum maintenance, they tend to be quite cost-effective and custom-fabricated plastic is indeed among the most cost-effective ones.
  • Versatility - That custom-design fabricated plastic finds versatile usage is no secret. Mining, manufacturing, water treatment, and several other industries require custom-fabricated products that are available in a range of thicknesses, colours, and textures.
  • Safety And Quality - All industrial products have quality and safety standards to maintain and custom-fabricated products come through in all these aspects.


Our High-Quality Services

Our list of services is all-inclusive and when it comes to fabrication, we are a one-stop solution.

  • Custom Fabrication - We provide customised designs and flawlessly fabricated products that meet all your requirements. Our state-of-the-art machinery helps us fabricate all kinds of products.
  • CNC And Laser Cutting - You send us an image of what you need and we can cut that out for you using our CNC profile cutters and Laser cutting machines. We maintain the quality and precision in the process.
  • Acrylic Signage - From cutting out logos and letterings to installing 3D signage and lighting, we can do it all. Choose from our range of shapes, colours, designs, and materials for your acrylic signage.
  • Eleganz Doors - Get precisely cut and polished acrylic doors from the Eleganz Perspex brand which offers a huge range of designer doors for your kitchenettes, vanity, laundry, etc.
  • Splashbacks - Get the best quality splashbacks for your kitchens and bathrooms in the acrylic of your choice. For absolute precision, we cut the splashbacks at the site and drill them in.
  • Perspex Acrylic Cut To Size - As the WA distributor of Perspex acrylic sheets and doors, we provide a range of coloured and clear sheets. We can cut them to the size you require for various purposes.
  • Boat Windows - Get the old windows on your boat replaced with our new durable acrylic windows. We can cut them out to the required size and also install them on your boats.
  • Real Estate And Shopfront Display - Acrylic sheets are the perfect display cases and are best for shopfronts. They can also be used for shop counters. Just let us know your requirements and we can cut out the right sizes for you.
  • Shopfitting - Acrylic sheets are so versatile that they find multiple uses in Shopfitting. We can cut and fabricate designs according to your requirement.


Why Choose Productive Plastics?

There are several reasons for you to choose us and here are just a few.

  • Customised Designs - At Productive Plastics, you get the best designs that are customised to suit your requirements. We keep your expectations and the functional usage of the products in mind while suggesting the designs and fabricating the products. This makes our designs uniquely fitting to your specifications.
  • Top And Trusted Brands - We aim to provide you with the best quality, from materials to workmanship. This is why we deal only with the most tried and trusted brands like Perspex, EUROMIR, S.A.R, Eleganz, etc. and deliver the best quality and most durable products.
  • Matchless Quality - Given our commitment to delivering nothing less than the best, we use high-quality materials and employ skilled professionals. We ensure the final products are fabricated to perfection and fit your specifications just impeccably.
  • Time and Cost Effective - Our work is always as per schedule and we are well known to deliver on time. We also ensure your fabrication job doesn't cost more than what was agreed upon. We carry out every job with immense planning thereby making sure that the time and cost are kept under control and the final product is delivered as promised.


High-Quality Custom Fabrication In Perth

From custom fabrication and laser cutting to 3D signage and shopfront displays, our services are all-encompassing. We specialise in every aspect and can provide you with some great fabrication work. We provide great design ideas and can incorporate your ideas as well to give you exactly what you need. For all your custom design fabrication needs in Perth, contact Productive Plastics.

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