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Perspex Sheeting Products in Perth

CNC Machining in Perth

Productive Plastics have been established in the plastic fabrication industry since 1987 and I am excited to announce that we now have a Perspex® division. We are the WA Authorised Distributor of Perspex®, Euromir® and SAR® and Eleganz Perspex® doors. These products have had a significant impact on the shopfitting and building industry over the years allowing architects and designers to be able to broaden their horizons.  We are one of the largest Perspex retailers in Australia.

Acrylic sheets in Australia are often referred to as Perspex which has become its generic description. The Perspex® range consists of frosted, clear and coloured, midnight black and snow white, pearlescent, fluorescent, vario and sparkle. Perspex® sits at the forefront of the acrylic sheeting industry offering a 10 year warranty indoor and outdoor. Quality plays an important part in today’s society so with quality and variety Perspex® is your best choice.

Euromir® is a high quality European grade acrylic mirror and is available in 18 different colours and features one of the industries toughest back coatings. Apart from being a much safer and cheaper alternative to glass, Euromir® is ideal for store design and shop fitouts, visual merchandising, point of purchase displays, decorative wall paneling and much more. It’s all up the imagination.

SAR® stands for Super Abrasion Resistant. The coating on SAR makes it 45 times more abrasion resistant than standard acrylic and has quickly become a real alternative to glass. At half the weight of glass, SAR makes handling easier and safer. Installation is less costly and time consuming for it can be fabricated and cut on site using simple power tools. It also boasts fantastic optical qualities.

CNC Machining in Perth

Productive Plastics offer a full cutting and fabrication service which includes CNC machining for detailed cutting or engraving.  We also offer bending, gluing, welding and much more. Sample swatches are also available upon request.

If you require any further information, please do not hesitate to call 9302 1000.